Why is content writing important for SEO (search engine optimization)?

This and other related questions often occupy the minds of business owners and marketers working for them. One interesting fact you should acknowledge is that many businesses are already taking advantage of effective SEO strategy even as you are reading this piece of content now.

While almost everyone understands it as one of the best strategies of consistent business lead generation, the importance of content writing and how to explore the measurable benefits of SEO is rarely clear to every potential beneficiary.

Believe it or not, most people who ignore search engine optimization completely are usually missing out on the daily, weekly or monthly inflow of new customers, clients and revenue.

However, if you commit to take one step ahead of your competitors, the outcome might surprise you.

What Is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing is a type of content created with the aim to attract potential customers or clients from organic search engine rankings. Organic search engine ranking refers to those search engine result pages and links that are not direct paid advertisements you normally see in Google. When people are searching for specific products, services, solutions or information, you can leverage SEO content writing services and optimization to attract them towards visiting your business website. However, it is worth noting that quality content writing is not the only thing that matters in search engine optimization.

Writing quality content based on your intuition or guesswork is one thing. Optimizing the content to rank high enough and become visible in front of your potential customers is an entirely different thing. In terms of SEO content optimization, if you don’t use the keywords your ideal customers use when searching for specific products, services or solutions, you’ll continue to shoot off target.

Besides quality SEO content writing, some other ranking factors that influences the outcomes include the following –

  • Domain authority
  • Inbound backlinks profile
  • Website loading speed
  • Topical authority
  • Page experience signals
  • Mobile usability
  • Technical website structure
  • Website security
  • Internal link optimization

Why Is Content Optimization Important In SEO?

Content optimization is important because writing content based on keywords selected out of guesswork is not the same as writing content with reference to SEO best practices. When you are intentional about target keyword optimization in your content writing process, it gives you an edge over competitors going after the same set of potential customers your business needs to thrive. Moreover, it is important to understand that every keyword in your niche is never equal in terms of the potential for growing website traffic, quality lead generation and conversion rate. If you spend your limited resources creating quality content that attracts mismatched audiences, you will not get good results out of your efforts. These are some of the reasons why content optimization is important; especially with preferred target keywords that will bring you high quality leads your business can convert into clients or sales.

Depending on the person responsible for creating your website or blog content, optimization during and after the writing requires intelligent and strategic placement of the best search queries. In this case, you need to strike a balance between subject matter expertise and SEO content optimization best practices.

Benefits of Content Writing Services

#1: High Potential Keyword Selection

In terms of search volume, all keywords are never equal. While some keywords will give you the opportunity to generate considerable volume of website traffic, others will have zero potential. Consequently, if nobody visits your website to view the content you published, you won’t get good results out of the whole efforts. You know there is need for visibility before you can get potential customer’s attention. And that’s what high potential keyword selection for SEO content writing could help you achieve.

Instead of relying on you limited experience or guess, you can engage SEO content writing services provider to help with high-potential keywords research and selection. Based on experience, the experts in this space knows how to find easy-to rank keywords with considerable traffic potential.

Assuming your business is going after customers in different segments, hiring an experienced SEO consultant will put you in the right track.

#2: Leverage The Power of Search Intent

Besides search volume and traffic potential, there is one other factor that will affect the profitability of your search engine optimization strategy. And that thing is called search intent. It’s all about the intent behind every keyword or search query. In this case, someone who is looking for specific products or services is likely to convert into a customer faster than another person merely searching for information.

Another way to look at it is that there is a difference between buying intent keywords and informational keywords. The interesting thing is that such a difference exists in almost any niche. However, people who are not SEO experts can hardly understand the difference in detail.

Examples of buying intent keywords: cost of bathroom remodeling, Oakland California remodeling companies, where to buy laptop power bank in Stamford Connecticut, best networking router reviews,

Examples of informational keywords: how networking router works, the importance of cloud computing in business, DIY bathroom remodeling guide.

Based on the data from Google, the world’s number one search engine, around 76% of people who use local search queries (EG: Los Angeles moving company) often end visiting a local business and making a purchase within 24 hours.

The point here is that using a professional content writing services agency could help you leverage the power of prove search intent. Beyond guesswork, most experienced local SEO consultants often knows the types of keywords that convert better than others.

#3: Increase Website Conversion Rate

If you are spending money and time to grow your website traffic but the conversion rate and ROI are very low, then you’ve got a real problem to solve. One of the main cause of this problem is low quality website traffic. When the majority of people visiting your website are mismatched, the conversion rate will be very low.

On the other hand, the structure of your website content may also be the reason for very low conversion rate. The most common causes of low conversion rates include things like –

  1. Low quality content
  2. Bad place of phone numbers
  3. Poor internal linking
  4. No or obscure contact form
  5. Low website loading speed
  6. Insufficient traffic volume
  7. Not using a lead magnet
  8. Absence of trust-worthy social proof

In case you want to increase your website conversion rate, you can leverage content writing services to improve your SEO ranking for selected keywords. Create more content with high potential keywords to increase your traffic volume from organic SEO and you’ll start getting better conversion rates.

#4: Improved Quality Lead Generation

Assuming the quality of business leads you are generating from other sources are very low, that may be a signal that you should start investing in content writing services. Perhaps, without quality leads, the ROI you are getting from your marketing efforts will remain low. Here is another reason why content writing is important in SEO. It will help you increase the quality of leads you are getting from strategic search engine optimization. The core premise is that people who are actively searching for specific products or services are more likely to convert into paying clients or customers.

To a very large extent, the nature of content you create will affect the quality of leads in your sales pipelines. With a little bit of A/B testing, hiring experienced SEO consultant will help you discover the types of keywords and content that will deliver the highest quality leads and ROI.

#5: Hands-Free Content Creation And Optimization

One major reason why many small business owners and marketers ignore SEO is the lack of time to invest in quality content writing. But here is one thing you have to note, even if you know how to do everything involved, there is a limit to the number of hours you can work in each passing. In other words, having the know-how or trying to do everything won’t get you anywhere.

Besides the actual content writing, some of the best SEO agencies and consultant can help with direct publishing and optimization. Interestingly, full time professionals will always do it better than someone else who is busy in their own day to day task of running a profitable business.

SEO Content Writing Tips For Business Owners

Most of the potential customers in your niche have pre-purchase questions they want answered before deciding to pay for your products or services. Interestingly, your SEO writing process should help answer those questions. Now you understand the importance of content writing for SEO, the next thing to think about is how to write attractive content that will deliver the results you want. Whether you want to outsource the SEO content writing work or do it yourself, here are some tips you can use to optimize your content for growing website traffic and quality leads generation.

#1: Address Customer Needs And Pain Points

Your potential customers have specific needs they want fulfilled. The stronger and more frequent their needs, the better for your business. But first, you have to understand their needs inside out. Moreover, you should endeavor to address the pain points associated with the existing customer needs.

Without addressing customer needs and pain points, you may end up attracting mismatched audiences into your website. Whether you are a professional writer or not, effective SEO content writing starts with ideal customer needs, problems and pain points. And that’s how to make your lead generation content exceptionally attractive.

For you to get the best results, you don’t have to jump into finding keywords and creating content titles without having your customer needs clarified. Besides, if your business is going after different customer segments, you need to address them in your SEO content strategy.

#2: Invest Time In Keyword Research

Whether you are outsourcing the work or not, there are two ways to create content titles. First option is to rely on guesswork – what you think your customer needs. The second option is to use some of the best keyword research tools to find the exact words your potential customers use when they are searching for specific products, services, or solutions.

Unfortunately, if you ignore the keyword research process, the ROI potential of your SEO content writing will be limited. In specific clear terms, you’ll not be getting as much quality traffic as you need to achieve good website conversion rate and ROI.

When no one sees the best content you spend money and time creating, you’ll have zero conversion rate. Consider hiring an SEO consultant with keyword research experience if you don’t have time for this.

#3: Use Main Keyword Variations In Subheadings

Understanding the importance of content writing in SEO is one thing. Knowing how to get the best results out of the entire process is another different challenge.

Interestingly, using the variations of your main target keyword for each blog post goes a long way to enrich that content both for readability and high search engine rankings. Though it is easy to use any combination of words in your content subheadings, being intentional about the variations of high potential keywords with obvious purchase intent makes a big difference.

Again, here is the essence of investing time into keyword research to increase the potential of your content for generation considerable traffic volume and quality leads. If you don’t get any other thing from this section on SEO content writing tips, don’t ignore this one.

#4: Leverage Topical Clusters

Topical clusters is about grouping keywords that are tightly related. For example, topic clustering around SEO may include things link keyword research, SEO tools, link building, SEO case studies, website loading speed, internal links, rank tracking, content writing, and SEO courses. Under each of these topics, you’ll also find sub topics you can cover in a typical content cluster. Some of the benefits of topical clustering in SEO include the following –

  • Increase domain authority with long tail keywords
  • Better internal link optimization
  • Longer sessions duration per visitor
  • Rank one page for multiple keywords
  • Higher quality website traffic

#5: Embrace Internal Link Optimization

In essence, what I’m saying here is that you should add more internal links with topically relevant keywords in your niche. It is not enough to publish lots of content that stands alone in the web universe. With strategic internal linking, you’ll start improving the crawlability of your website pages.

Just in case you are beginner in content writing for SEO, internal linking is about adding a link that leads search engine crawl bots as well as humans from one page to another page within a particular website.

It is the direct opposite of external links that leads connects your website pages to other pages within another distinct website.

#6: Link To Relevant Resources In Your Niche

When you add topically rich links to other pages and websites in your niche, it tells Google that your website is related to those other sites. Most importantly, adding more outbound links increases the frequency of crawling, indexing and updating your website ranking within a particular niche or industry.

If you have been ignoring this factor in your SEO content writing and publishing process, now is the time to think differently about it. On the side of your website visitors, topically relevant outbound linking creates an impression that your website is a trust source of information. Interestingly, that kind of brand impression creates opportunities for getting repeat visitors.

Even though it is not among the most popular high impact SEO best practices, linking to other topically relevant website pages is not something you should continue to ignore.

When writing content for SEO, you can link to other pages in the form of –

  1. Case studies
  2. Industry research reports
  3. Useful statistics
  4. Infographics
  5. Free and pages tools
  6. Industry news content
  7. Training courses

#7: Include Multimedia And Structured Content

Except written text (blog posts), many other factors influence search engine rankings. One example is common referred to as structured content. Multimedia content like video and keyword-rich images also affect search rankings and overall traffic volume. Unfortunately, when you ignore these things and rely on written texts only, your website will continue to miss out of the benefits of structured data in search engine optimization.

Depending on your niche and target audience, there are different types of structured data in SEO. If you want to go beyond written texts, consider the following types that could have positive impact on your rankings when you start using them in your content. Types of structured content include bullet lists, information tables, breadcrumbs, knowledge graph, rich snippets, recipes, and more.

How To Hire An SEO Content Writing Agency

  • Visit the website of content writing agencies
  • Evaluate their industry and niche-relevant content experience
  • Check how the agencies leverage content on their websites
  • Find or request information about the price of content writing services
  • Compare multiple content writing agencies at the same time
  • Ask for references, testimonials and case studies
  • Clarify the delivery and payment processes
  • Do a test a writing project for further comparison
  • Use the test results to hire an agency that suits your need


Regardless of the context, there is hardly any doubt about why content writing is important for SEO. What you’ll from a lot of people most times is that search engine optimization takes time. Unfortunately, it really takes long depending on how effective your SEO strategies have been over time. As noted earlier, filling up web pages with written texts spun out of guesswork won’t get you anywhere.

Simply by following the SEO content writing tips shared in this post, you’ll put your business on the path of achieving measurable results better than what you have experienced so far. Obviously, continuing to do things the way you have always done won’t make any positive difference.

Instead of relying on guesswork, you can use some of the best SEO tools in the market to give you insights need to craft a profitable SEO strategy that embraces high quality content writing.

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