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Why Your Business Needs To Focus On Local SEO

97% of all online users have searched online to find a local business. We are willing to bet you have searched online at some point to find some kind of local business. So why wouldn’t you be optimizing for local search results? Click below for a free consultation to learn how you could benefit from Local SEO!

What is Local SEO

Local SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization that is focused on a specific location. Whether it be your own town, city, or even thinking on a broader level such as your county or state. This comes with different tactics and strategies than typical SEO. When it comes to Local SEO, you want to focus on targeting the locations that your storefront business will service. For example as a roofing company, if you service Stamford Connecticut you would want to optimize your website to rank for terms relating to your business and the location that your looking to target. Also within the strategies of Local SEO you can see different entities outside of your typical website that should be used.

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Local SEO VS Regular SEO

 The Difference between Regular SEO and Local SEO Comes Down To The Local SEO Strategy


When it comes to Local SEO (similar to Regular SEO) there are other entities that need to be taken into account outside of just your website. For example, one of the greatest tools that many businesses don’t properly attend to is the Google Business Profile. For local SEO this is an amazing tool that can be used to drive even more business. Typically a great place to start with a local SEO strategy is properly optimizing the Google Business Profile. This profile can be treated as its own entity because in reality, it is.

Local SEO Statistics 


Of Users Search Online For Local Business.


Of Local Searches Result In A Purchase(s) Being Made.


Of All Online Clicks Go To The First Local Result That Shows Up.


Of Consumers Will Disregard Your Business If They Can't Adequately Find It Online.

Online Biz Builders Local SEO Services

Local SEO Analysis

The first step in any Local SEO Campaign is to do a full site analysis to see how it performs in the search engines and what competitors might be doing for their Local SEO. Understanding the gap between their Local SEO efforts and yours and strategizing the quickest way to get that gap filled.

Local Off-Page SEO

Local Off-Page SEO is crucial in establishing your site’s localized authority in Google’s eyes. Building brand credibility and increasing online exposure with locally relevant backlinks and entities shows Google that you are an authoritative figure in this topic in this location and that you deserve to rank higher than the next site for your target keywords in your target local locations. This is partially done by creating congruent local citations and other backlinks. This tactic of Local Off-Page SEO consists of having other relevant websites link back to your own, providing credibility and showing authority.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is vital to the site’s performance and is sadly often overlooked. The site needs to be running well on the outside as well as on the inside. Making sure the technical SEO is properly done is just as important as any other part of the SEO process.

Local SEO Key Word Research

Keyword research is vital to any SEO campaign, especially a Local SEO Campaign! Local Keyword research entails digging and finding what kind of words your potential clients are searching for in the search engines. Then implement the location optimization. For example, in normal SEO we could target and optimize for something along the lines of  “Best SEO Agency“. This would entail properly building and optimizing our pages to rank for that keyword. Now, to start focusing on local search engine optimization we would look to target and optimize for terms like “Local SEO Company Stamford Connecticut” or “SEO Agency Raleigh North Carolina

Content Writing

Many business owners think that SEO stops at the initial point of optimization. But to Continue to rank and grow your online presence, you need to continue to show that you are the authoritative figure in your local area as well as in your niche. So how do we do this? By providing properly optimized SEO content that will rank and help your current pages rank higher. When it comes to Local SEO Providing content that can be relevant to the local areas you are looking to rank in will increase your local rankings dramatically.

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Google Business Profile Local SEO

Here we incorporate local SEO strategy into the Google Business Profile. Many business owners don’t give the google business profile the attention and dedication that it deserves. The Google Business Profile is a major tool to generate local leads. When properly optimized the Google Business Profile will rank for your services in the local maps pack. The maps pack refers to the top three positions in Google that show up with the map. Those top three positions are PRIME REAL ESTATE. If you are not optimizing your Google Business Profile, you are leaving leads on the table for your competitors to take!

Local Focused On-Page SEO

Onpage SEO is vital to show the search engines what your business is about. Having the proper structure of content, tags and overall optimization is the only way to properly implement SEO. It is very important to perform SEO with the flow of website design in mind. At Online Biz Builders we practice the safest and most up-to-date SEO tactics to boost the trust of your site in Google’s eyes.

 Just Looking For Help With Your Local SEO Citations?

Want a free Local Business Listing & Citation Scan to see where you show up and if your information is correctly dispersed across the internet?

If your looking for help managing your local business listing citations or just looking for a free scan to see how your business shows up, we have you covered!

All of these Local SEO Services paired with the proper Local SEO Strategy is what’s needed to increase your organic traffic.

Organic Traffic ➜ More Sales ➜ Happier Business Owners

Additionally With Online Biz Builders Local SEO Services

24/7 Google Monitoring For Local SEO

  • Knowing what is happening with google is vital to growing your online presence and overall traffic. Google has a complex algorithm that is used to rank websites. At Online Biz Builders we have dedicated professionals who monitor and learn the latest Google updates and trends to make sure we are 100% ahead of the curve.
  • Google algorithm updates can be devastating to your organic traffic. Making sure we know when the updates are happening, what the update entails, and how to respond is what we do! 
  • Monitoring for how Google is ranking your keywords is just as important. Keeping track of the keywords your Connecticut business is targeting helps us report on the success of your online presence!

Local SEO Analytics

Last But Not Least Local SEO Reporting!

  • There are so many different moving parts that go along with Local SEO for your business. The only way to stay on top of it is to use special tracking software to keep each different SEO metric to measure progress and improvement. At Online Biz Builders we have a proprietary in-house SEO tracking and reporting software that each client gets access to! 
  • Unlike other Local SEO companies, we provide monthly reporting. We will make sure you can see the progress every month in our extremely detailed reports. On top of our monthly local SEO reporting, we have a live client portal giving you access to see your rankings on a weekly or even daily basis. 

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