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Citations (also known as business directory listings) are extremely important for many different reasons! More accurate business listing citations mean more exposure for your business online. Get your free online listing reports to see how your business shows up in all major directories!

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Online Biz Builders SEO Agency is a certified Birdeye Partner. This means we can offer local business listings and other specified services at an amazing discount! Contact Us Today!

Free Business Listings & Local Citations Scanner

Is your business information correct across the web? Business directories are a great tool for Local SEO. But you must ensure they are all the same across every part of the internet. When talking about business directories or citations, you may come across the acronym N.A.P. This stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Making sure these are correct on all business directories has multiple benefits. 1: When potential clients find your business on other websites, you want to make sure they find the correct information. 2: Google likes to see that your NAP is consistent, and in doing so, this helps your business rank in Google.

More Correct Business Listings & Citations >  Happy Google > Better Rankings > Better Online Presence & More Traffic = Happy Business Owner.

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Online Biz Builders has partnered with a top citation provider to make sure you are in 50 of the top business listing directories. Making sure your business gets the highest quality local citations and shows up in the most important business is our promise. With this we offer you an easy to use dashboard in which you can connect your Google Business Profile, Facebook Business Page, Bing Business page and so much more. In this dash board you will be able to make sure your information is accurate across 50 different high quality websites. Need to make changes to your business information? Do it once and change it across all 50 Local Business Citations with ease.

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Looking For Additional Niche Specific Local Business Citations?

We build each additional citation by hand! One by one and submit them to the business directories that match your niche! Get on top of your competitors by getting listed in Local Business Directories where your competitors are lacking!

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