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Eric Monies

Eric Monies

Founder & CEO

About Eric

Although recently graduating from college within the past few years, Erc Monies has quickly established himself as a passionate entrepreneur focused on technology services. While finishing his degree in communications in advertising and promotions, Eric became heavily involved in digital marketing, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and foreign currency trading. With a keen interest in helping businesses with their online presence, Eric Monies started and currently serves as the CEO of Online Biz Builders Digital Marketing agency. Online Biz Builders primarily helps business owners grow their exposure online through Search Engine Optimization, Web design, Facebook Advertising, and Google Advertising. Although less than three years old, Online Biz Builders has become an established and recognized online marketing agency providing personable marketing services.

With his heavy belief in crypto and blockchain adoption, he is actively developing an advanced blockchain security company to bring proactive security solutions where there currently are none. Eric is also involved in developing and implementing cryptocurrency and DeFi trading strategies.

Outside of marketing and blockchain, Eric has recently started working on creating a technologically advanced solar energy solutions company. Together with his partners, his goal is to bring advanced, but affordable “Off the grid” energy solutions to residences and commercial properties.

Eric has a strong involvement in the community holding a chair with the Stamford Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals group HYPE, as well as several charitable organizations.

Barry Monies

Barry Monies

Founder & Partner

About Barry

Shortly after earning a Business degree in Management Information Systems from the University
of Massachusetts, Barry Moniês started a real estate investing company purchasing multifamily and commercial properties. Since then he has been involved in analyzing, financing, purchasing and/or managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Currently, Mr. Moniês owns and manages multi-million dollars worth of commercial real estate.

Mr. Moniês also founded and currently serves as CEO of Computronix, a 20+ year old internationally
recognized, full service technology solutions company that builds, manages and secures I.T.
networks for businesses in real estate, financial, legal, medical and governmental sectors. In recent
years, Mr Moniês has more than once been honored as one of the World’s Top Managed Services
Executives and Computronix has repeatedly been recognized as one of the world’s 100 most progressive managed technology service providers.

One of Mr. Moniês proudest recognitions was when he was requested to accompany Connecticut
Governor Rowland on his Trade Mission to the European Community. Mr. Moniês had the distinct
honor of representing the business community from the State of Connecticut.

Mr. Moniês is also noted for his expertise in the area of cyber security and the protection of electronic data. Several years ago, he was invited to participate in a Congressional Conference in Washington, D.C. on issues relating to cyber security and electronic terrorism. Most recently, Mr. Moniês has become
recognized as an expert in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Most recently, Mr. Moniês has joined forces with two of the brightest minds in the fintech industry to start REINNO, a fintech company utilizing blockchain to provide greater liquidity to the commercial real estate industry. REINNO provides tokenization services, lending against real estate backed tokens, interest earning accounts and a marketplace for securitized token offerings. REINNO’s first deal in 2020 was the tokenization of a $105 million dollar real estate fund.

Mr. Moniês is also a recognized cryptocurrency expert and international BTC buy/sell consultant and broker, helping his clients buy/sell billions of dollars worth of crypto.

Mr. Moniês believes strongly in community involvement and has actively participated in several
non-profit organizations. He also serves on several business Board of Directors, including the
Financial Policy Council in New York City, The Soundview Club and the Chamber of Commerce, both in Stamford, CT.

Antony Ponnaiya

Antony Ponnaiya

Executive VP Of Sales

About Antony

Antony Ponnaiya is a dynamo in the realms of Sales, Acquisitions, and Marketing. He boasts an illustrious career within the Fortune 500 sector. Recognized for his aptitude in strategic planning, value optimization, and organizational transformation, Antony employs an analytical methodology combined with innovative marketing paradigms to facilitate multimillion-dollar transactions. He catalyzes revenue growth and directs successful mergers and acquisitions that have set new industry benchmarks. 

As a former senior business executive at AT&T, Antony has honed a unique leadership style that melds motivational coaching with rigorous analytical approaches. His portfolio includes collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious brands in diverse sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, and consumer goods—most notably Tesla, Bloomingdales, Bang & Olufsen, Stop & Shop, and Caymus Vineyards. He deftly manages and cultivates a diverse portfolio of business ventures and interests.

As an avid connoisseur of wine, Antony has masterfully crafted his own distinguished brand from the esteemed vineyards of Napa Valley. His private label, Philosophia Cellars, combines his reverence for philosophy with expert viticulture, introducing three white wines inspired by ancient philosophers. Antony’s meticulous selection of grapes ensures each bottle achieves unparalleled sophistication.

Demonstrating keen acumen for market dynamics, Antony conducts rigorous analyses of evolving business landscapes while diversifying his entrepreneurial portfolio. Currently, one of his flagship products has attracted eight-figure acquisition offers, highlighting its substantial market value. Furthermore, Antony is in the advanced stages of planning a high-impact market entry for one of his forthcoming brands.

In his leisure time, Antony participates in a professional tennis league, reinforcing his affinity for athleticism and strategy. A discerning collector of fine timepieces, he also has a keen eye for modern real estate and architectural design. Further diversifying his portfolio, he serves as an esteemed global Airbnb host, offering premium guest experiences across international locales.


Joahan M

Joahan M

SEO & Content Marketing Specialist

About Joahan

Joahan brings a dynamic blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to his role as an SEO Specialist at Online Biz Builders. With a keen eye for digital trends and a passion for optimizing online presence, Joahan plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and reach of clients’ businesses across the web.

Fascinated by the intersection of technology and marketing, Joahan delved into the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO), recognizing its paramount importance in today’s digital landscape. His deep understanding of SEO principles and dedication to staying abreast of industry advancements have solidified his reputation as a trusted expert in the field.

At Online Biz Builders, Joahan works alongside a talented team under the visionary leadership of CEO Eric Monies. Inspired by Eric’s innovative approach to technology services, Joahan is dedicated to leveraging the latest SEO strategies to propel clients to the forefront of online search results. Drawing upon his wealth of experience, Joahan meticulously crafts tailored strategies that optimize website performance, drive organic traffic, and boost conversion rates.

With a forward-thinking mindset and a drive for excellence, Joahan epitomizes the spirit of innovation and dedication at Online Biz Builders.

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Sahil G

Sahil G

Web Dev & CRM Specialist

About Sahil

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