Effective Keyword Research is a Must for FREE Search Engine Traffic!

   When it comes to search engine optimization, effective keyword research is a must… it will help support your well written content to allow you to be found in the search engine results pages for those searching for your product or service.

If you have been following this site for a while, you will know that I preach to write for the ‘human reader’, not the search engine robot.

You can write the highest quality content, but if it doesn’t contain keyword phrases that people are searching for, your article will not be found in the search engine results pages by the searcher.

The opposite is also true… you can write content that is filled with keyword phrases that searchers are typing into the search engine’s Search box, but if the content isn’t useful for the reader, the search engines will see the pattern through the use of a factor in their algorithm known as ‘User Experience’, and rank you accordingly… you can also get penalized for over-optimization if not careful.

Also, some people may lose their creativity for quality content if they base their article around keyword phrases that they have selected. There is nothing wrong with trying this technique, but if the content is NOT considered problem solving or adding value to the reader, you need to try another method.

One method that may work is to put your brilliance into words first, then place your keyword phrases within your content where it looks natural, makes sense and allows the wording to flow smoothly. I personally have done this many times, and I also suggest this to my SEO clients.

I recommend to them that they write their article and submit it as a draft on their blog, I will then find the most suitable, effective keyword phrases to match their topic and place the keyword phrases for them using the best SEO practices.

Just keep in mind that inserting keyword phrases where they really don’t make any sense, just for the sake of attempting to increase website rankings is not a good idea, and won’t score you any points with the search engines.

After a person has read your information, this person should be inspired enough to browse for more. One thing you can do to influence the person to read more is to provide a link to a related post at the end of your article.

Once the person finally leaves your site, that person should have the feeling that you have solved his problem and that he has found the information that he was looking for.