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 The Importance of SEO and the Search Engines for Traffic!


Is SEO important and vital for an online business to be successful… by all means, YES!

How good is the Mona Lisa If its kept in the closet? ITS NOT! You can have one of the most best visually appealing and cleverly designed websites , it can be flashy with the most gorgeous and sexy looking graphics, but who cares if nobody is seeing it.

Compare a website to an uncharted island; this island could be right there in the middle of the ocean and can be littered with diamonds and gold that would answer all your financial needs and wants, or like i said previously what good is the Mona Lisa if kept in the closet ? It wont help anybody if no one knows they exist!

If I had to guess , I would say that your goal for a successful online business campaign would be to get as much traffic to your site  as possible to arrive at your site to see what you  have to offer.


Why are SEO and Search Engines SO Important?


By now it is no secret… Google is the biggest billboard in the world for anything and everything. , Most of the world will navigate to their favorite search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing,(mostly google but to each their own) for the information or the product they are looking for. The search engine is the window for potential leads or customers to reach your website.


With properly done on page optimization and off page optimization, not only will you increase your site’s presence in the search engine results pages, but properly done SEO will also send targeted traffic back to the information offered on your site, and help brand your site as an authority in your niche. 

Although the you might want to just get all the possible traffic to your site, does that really help if they arnt people who will be interested in what you have to offer. You must have that precise, targeted traffic that represents what your site is offering… after all, the success of your online business is counting on it.

Search engine optimization, which before anything involves keyword research, can help you be well on your way to reaching those goals of organic well needed precise traffic. We all know that the greater online presence you have in the search engines, the greater amount of traffic, leads and sales you can generate!

There aren’t very many methods that can offer guaranteed targeted ‘Buyer’ type traffic that truly works other than the search engine .

This is a no brainer folks… the higher your website is in the search engine results pages for a given keyword phrase, specific to your page, the greater amount of targeted traffic you will receive back to your website.


Optional Outsourcing to us, The SEO experts!


Your competitors are taking every step to get get the leads that you deserve, so the importance of SEO needs to be top priority for your online business if you want to compete with the billions of other sites on the Web.

Outsourcing to an search engine optimization specialist can be a smart option for those looking to succeed in online business.

In order for the visitor to reach their destination (back to your site), through the use of the search engine, you will need to provide the algorithm that crawls your site, detailed information that the search engine can place in its database, that is specific to the users search query.

This is all done through the use of properly researched  carefully chosen keywords and phrases 

SEO is an art that cannot be taken lightly. Optimizing your content and its related elements involve a great deal of manual work, and come with quite a learning curve.

For the Google algorithm alone, there are more than 200 ranking factors that are used to establish a baseline to index your site in its search engine results page’s database. The Google programmers make updates each week to reflect changes in the way people perform searches and how google responds .

It’s also a fact that there are over 200 million Web users in the United States alone that use search engines to find the product or service they are in need of. A joke between digital marketers that every one has herd goes like this ” i just murdered some one where should i hide them? on the third page of google!”. And its true!!! nobody wants to look past the third page thats why google does its job to give the most relevant website to whats being searched. Why shouldn’t that be you?


Closing Comments for the Importance of SEO for Your Business


Even though search engine optimization can take some time to produce results, whether it’s through your invested time to learn SEO, or you pay an SEO specialist, the return on your investment should not be far behind and will absolutely be worth it.

It’s simple… if you want to achieve success targeted traffic back to your site, then you have a choice to make… you will need to spend the time learning ALL you can about the best practices of search engine optimization, to include keeping up with the constant algorithm changes, or consider hiring an SEO Specialist to do the work for you. All I’m saying is the professional SEO experts have been spending years studying SEO and know what will and what will not work.

Once you start receiving organic SEO traffic, the results will last… as long as you stay up to date with fresh content and stay in front of all the current SEO trends, you will continue to receive the Traffic your site rightfully deserves. After all, Consistency is King .

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